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I used Labcorpfor some routine blood tests ordered by my doctor. Arrived at 8 a.m., waited in a dingy, room with only four dirty chairs provided (room for more chairs easily), outdated magazines & broken/missing blinds on front door.

Waited one hour, 4 people in the room, finally had service, technician misplaced paperwork and asked me for it, took two vials of blood because she could not find a code my doctor had written in her directory, asked for my credit card to cover expenses??? (I have insurance for this service), she tightened the strap around my arm and it bit into my skin pinching it twice (oops I am sorry, she said)...I was fed up! I will NEVER use Labcorp again, nor will my husband. By the way, the location is in St.

Louis, Missouri and it is on Ballas Road near Olive Street.

I blame Labcorp for their unprofessional office, lack of standards and procedures. I work in healthcare myself and I know the standards owed to a patient.

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LabCorp is an unethical and unprofessional company. They lied to me by asking for my credit card for "identification" purposes.

Then they charged my credit card without my knowledge or approval. They are very corrupt and I will never go there again. I will use Quest or another lab in the future.

I agree with you Belladeb53 - I am spreading the word to everyone I know and every website that I know about how corrupt Labcorp is.

Patients deserve better treatment than being lied to and having their credit cards used as ransom for blood work. It's ridiculous.


You have to sign if you handed over your card anyway..."be real"


Well that may be true for some blood tests that are "not standard", however I called my insurance company beforehand and it is also stated in my policy that "regular blood tests" are 100% covered. You missed the whole point of this statement I made about taking a credit card and the technician saying she could not tell me what the charge was...would you go to a store and hand over your credit card carte blanche and wait to see what they charged on your statement??? Come on, be real.


People have a misconception that if the have insurance that they would never need to pay for blood work. That is 100% wrong. Please research how insurance companies work along with ICD9 coding.

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