Queen Creek, Arizona
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I had my lab tests done on October 7 at Lab Corp. I went back to Lab Corp to pick up a copy of my results and they couldn't give them to me.

They provide an online service that should give the results, to which I was already enrolled. There were no results available there either. I was told that I have to make an appointment with my doctor to see the results. I shouldn't have to make an appointment to see my results.

They are my lab tests. I paid for them. I shouldn't have to have road blocks thrown in my face to get what is mine. This is a HUGE problem in our health care system.

We are treated as idiots who cannot understand anything for ourselves. I am frustrated with the way that the general public is continually denied the privilege of taking charge of our own health care.

--By the way, I will no longer use Lab Corp. I can go into the hospital and they will print out the results of my tests without having to go to a doctor.

Reason of review: Problem with delivery.

Monetary Loss: $200.

LabCorp Pros: Friendly staff, Painless blood draw.

LabCorp Cons: No results.

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Labcorp did not give my doctor or myself the grade or origin of my cancer. I’ve tried everything!

I am calling the headquarters and 60 minutes and any news organizations that want this story. It’s my body!!!!


I agree, I shouldn't have to pay for a doctor visit, just to get MY lab results, I paid for them. Another way for the doctors to make more money.

Why have the online service if you can't get the results.

Also, when I went to do the blood work, Lab Corp asked me for my credit card information, just until they could get verification of my insurance coverage, then they went ahead a charged the balance to my credit card without asking ($6). Don't give them your credit card information, they don't have the right to have it, it's not mandatory.