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On the LabCorp website the company states that lab test results will be made available to patients 2-7 days after they are available to doctors. If a patient is waiting for the results of an important test, this length of time is intolerable.

Obviously LabCorp thinks doctors are their customers, not patients, yet the patients generally select the lab and pay either directly or indirectly for the test. Just another screwed-up part of the U.S. medical system.

I wish there were a patient responsive competitor to LabCorp.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

LabCorp Pros: Good locations, Courteous receptionist, Lab technicians.

LabCorp Cons: Customer service, Slow to report results of tests to patient.

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I've always had great luck with Quest Diagnostics! Unfortunately, Oxford won't let me go there. I'm going to pay out of pocket...I will NEVER return to Labcorp!


Well the results are sent to the patient via mail. Now, if you really wanted the results that bad, you could have had your doctor give you a copy of the results. Normally, depending on the tests, your doctor gets the results 2-5 days.