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I arrived in FL after traveling 1, 500 to help my 78-year old mom with doctor's visits. Arrived at the Brooksville, FL LabCorp facility and waited for just over one hour for routine bloodwork.

After the person next to us was called to have her blood drawn (she told us that she did not have an appointment and arrived approximately 20 minutes after we did), I approached the front desk and asked "How much longer will it be before you take my Mom" since she needed to take her medications asap. The person at the front desk, Lisa Marsh, responded "she'll be taken in when I call her, this isn't a fast food drive through." How rude. I immediately asked for her name and the name of her supervisor. She refused to give me the name and contact number of her supervisor.

She proceeded to be increasingly rude - I needed to find out how much longer it would be before my elderly mother was able to take her medications and her 2nd response was "this isn't a fast food drive through, sit back down or leave." She then proceeded to ignore me and put my Mother's paperwork at the bottom of a pile of papers to be processed. At that point, she said that "you will now be called after everyone in the waiting room has been called - you will get called when I decide you will" and, at that point, proceeded to make a phone call. I cannot remember someone so rude - she should not be dealing with the public in any fashion. We decided to leave and take the test elsewhere - on the way out, she said "ha, I was going to take you next, now you are leaving." I had to request the paperwork with the script on it four times before she would even return it so we could leave.

All for a routine blood test; this is inexcusable. "Just shut up and sit down."

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I hope you've followed up and complained. Contact the Better Business Bureau and the Medical Board and make a complaint against that office.

They can find out who she is. Don't let them get away with B.S. like this! You have every right to be pissed!

Don't let them win!

Rock their world, Honey! :(