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Went to take a drug screen yesterday for employment and was told I couldn’t take my test due to me having my 3 year old with me was told she couldn’t sit in the lobby or stand outside the door while I go *** in a cup said it’s there rule children are not allowed when taking a drug test my child is not in daycare and by the time my older kids are out of school they are not doing drug tests so why discriminate against people with children who don’t have childcare or someone to watch their child/ children when they are trying to get employment whoever made up this rule should be ashamed of themselves coming from a RN point of view I don’t do drugs I pass them so no I wasn’t going to use my daughters urine I’m clean and by saying people with children can’t have their child with them is putting a label on people and it’s rude and is an act of discrimination

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Uhhh what kind of irresponsible parent are you to bring a 3 year old with you during your drug test, without another adult to supervise it? You deserve an automatic fail. And should have your nursing license revoked, if you are truly an RN if you claim.


Thank you realnurse for you correct comment. Wonder where people like this woman left her child during her interview? I get tired of being yelled at and belittled by patients just like her.


Drug testing at laboratories operate under Federal DOT guidelines, which state that neither minors nor any other person can be present with you in the testing area. As a supposed RN, you should be aware of this.

Furthermore, to even suggest that you would leave your 3 year old in the lobby, out of your sight, shows incredible ignorance and lack of foresight.

It is not the job of staff to babysit your child. As an adult, it is your responsibility to find other accommodations for your child during the period of time that you are having your drug screen performed.