Baton Rouge, Louisiana


I've been to other locations but this one is stomach turning. FIRST OF ALL, the people there have NO CONCERN and took a week out of my work schedule to "find" my results, only to tell my employer that it was "canceled." without further explanation. In today's economy, who can afford to wait a week for lab results.

The review above is CORRECT!!! I fought through rush hour traffic because their hours of operation say that they are open until 5pm, HOWEVER they fail to inform you UNTIL YOU GET THERE that they stop testing at 3pm. When noticing this, I told the attendant how far I had come and what kind of traffic I faced trying to get there, and that my employer wanted me to come to work THAT WEEK so it was important to get my test done that day. I acknowledged the change in the hours of operation and she nonchalantly said, "Well we still close at 3pm." Then tossed out that if I hurried I might be able to get to another location. I went to a cleaner, friendlier location...but THEY lost my results.

Let's fast forward to this morning. I went AGAIN to the rude person and saw a waiting room FULL of people that we standing at the window to have work done. This did not speed them up one bit. They continued to just work at the "I couldn't care less" pace. They were dry and short in their answers when I expressed my past issues with getting my results. DID NOT CARE-pretty much.

The bathroom was HORRIBLE!!! Urine was all over the floor and when I reported it the attendant MADE NO REMARK and did not care ONE BIT. Then she sent me in to dispose of my own urine specimen and dryly told me to wash my hands.

I need a job, but I pray I NEVER have to report to this location EVER AGAIN. GROSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Sounds like that employee needs to find god and change her life.


The sad thing about this, in addition to being investigated by child services as well as the police, her daughter, Kendall McCall and Kim McCall are about to be prosecuted for insurance fraud!