5308 N Galloway Ave # 202, Mesquite, TX 75150, USA
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I was struggling to stand upright the day I arrived, in pain, arm outreached to hand forms to clerk who refused to even lean the slightest in my direction to assist. The needle stick was a intently painful, stabbing motion, which I have never seen or felt in many years of doing venipuncture myself to others as a nurse.

It was inhumane attitude that glared with a vengeful racist nature at a time in history when people of all races protest any form of racism, despite the TV police encounters. Lastly, the tech/clerk opened the door to "assist', I could not help but believe that was the one place in the facility where there may have been a camera.

There was not a cordial word uttered. DON'T go to Galloway Mesquite location!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Monetary Loss: $5000.

LabCorp Cons: Technician.

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A stabbing motion? The needle was protruding from the bottom of a closed fist and thrust in a downward motion?

Your entire post is a lie. Probably not a nurse either. More than likely a CNA OT Medical Assistant at best.

I also agree with the other person that commented? Can you please elaborate how you suffered a $5000 monetary loss?


I was intentionally harmed, as indicated by several actions of the employee that were inappropriate for her job. I do not consider there to be a true monetary compensation for an act of hate and injury.

Whether I list a penny or a million dollars, this is not the place to request a compensation of this nature, this post is for the purpose of preventing injury to others. I have no idea of whether a staff of Labcorp ever monitors this site.Nurses take care of those that have no one, are unconscious, who feel hopeless and suicidal, covered in lice, eaten by maggots, have committed murders and are under surveillance, and in the end, you cannot be satisfied. Nurses go without meals, work to exhaustion, and cry with families.

You have no decency to call me a liar, or deny my credentials. It is sickening to know I was permanently injured on the job, and the person I helped that day, could have been someone like you.I have protested bigotry, hatred and racism at any time a situation presented itself without criticizing whether I liked the persons credentials or terminology.


How did you have a monetary loss of $5000 and what do the police have to do with lab services? I'm calling bs on your whole story.

You being a nurse tells me all I need to know.

It must be super taxing taking people's height, weight and blood pressure. Nurses are overly dramatic liars with narcissistic complexes.


I said that there were people of all races, objecting to any racism, and defending the rights of anyone harmed. That acts of racial injustice by police have been highlighted by the media, and it a rare individual that supports any of those actions.

At no one I know is like that. Knowing that, I find it alarming anyone believes all different races are out to get them and should have pain inflicted upon them as this person did to me.I think being harmed intentionally by an employee can hardly be compensated by a monetary award. Anyone using their job to injure people needs to be identified. It is sad you have such a belittling attitud toward nurses.

I am partially paralyzed from working as a nurse during a emergency involving multiple people and far too few staff.

It is obvious some sacrifice and it is never going to be enough for you. I believe you have confused what education is required of a nurse and the further studies for specialties, with a one hour class for a volunteer.