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I was sent here for prenatal tests. When I arrived, the lady behind the counter said, "you can leave your credit card number and we will just charge it when your bill comes in!" I said, "no thanks," since I have been overcharged and doublecharged by LabCorp before, and still waiting for a refund. She said, "we can't do your test without a credit card number," so I told her "sorry, I'm not giving it to you" and prepared to leave. She then said she COULD do the test and told me to have a seat.

After half an hour waiting with no one in the office, a grumpy man performed my test. He didn't even wear gloves!

The result came back not positive or negative, but inconclusive. It was over a month later, and my doctor told me it was too late in my pregnancy to take the test again. If I wanted the results, I would have to have an amnio.

6 months later, I received a bill for $653. Since only $100 had been applied to my insurance deductible, I called my insurance provider to see what happened. Two customer service representatives told me that LabCorp had failed to adjust the bill for the amount that the insurance company paid.

3 months and about 10 calls to LabCorp later, every representative refused to adjust the amount, telling me that my insurance company did not pay it. The insurance company did. To keep the amount from going to collections I either had to pay in full by the end of the month ($653, ouch!) or put it on a payment plan and pay $73 a month for the next 9 months (who can afford that?). I ended up having to put half of it on a credit card to protect my credit.

So, for a $653 test, LabCorp received over $1200. For my $653 and risk to my health by having the unwashed hand of a stranger handle my bleeding wound without gloves, I received an inconclusive test result way too late in the game to address any concerns, anyways. Thanks, LabCorp.

After the fact, they had the nerve to tell me that I was no longer welcome in any of their clinics due to account delinquency. That's fine with me!

They also sent me a lovely letter with my last bill stating that "When your physician requested our services, we did not ignore the request or question your credit. However, you have ignored our request for payment of the service. You have had ample time to pay this bill or to file and recover from your insurance company."

Yes, 3 months is ample time to come up with an unexpected $653, and to try to find lost money in a company full of underpaid workers trained to be as unhelpful as possible.

Just like a month is long enough to send my inconclusive test results to my physician.

Never again, LabCorp. Never again.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $653.

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yes the credit card is optional. But the only way you can be refused service is if you have a past due balance. That balance must be paid in order to do your bloodwork for that day!


That doesn't sound right. Definitely exaggerating !


Please..... If lab Corp employee's did not wear gloves they would be shut down.

As for your charges. Sounds like you got charges for a service you used and now you don't want to pay the bill so your making up *** excuses. Thats why Labcorp has started taking credit cards up front.If you can't afford the service don't use it. Do you order food at a restaurant eat it all, clean your plate.

Then say my food was too cold so I am not going to pay for it. You probably do.


The credit card request is optional. I have worked for labcorp since 2008 in over 5 states and if a tech is telling you it's mandatory IT IS NOT. you can refuse and they cannot refuse you service.


LabCorp's billing department is unbelievably incompetent. It took them nine months to bill me for a test and my insurance carrier says it was paid 15 days after it was submitted.

Do not give these people your credit card or bank account information because they do not know what the *** they are doing.