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I have been to this lab several times and overall feel satisfied with their services, however, today I had a very concerning visit for the following reasons:

1) My blood draw was done by a Site Coordinator, which is usual.

2) She did not clean her hands prior to grabbing gloves from the box and getting the supplies for my blood draw.

3) It appeared she was reusing tourniquets as it was already sitting out on the chair when I walked in the room and she did not throw it away after my blood draw.

4) She told me I only needed 2 vials of blood drawn, a small tube and a large one. She completed both and THEN did a 3rd draw with a small tube without explaining. When I asked she replied my blood flowed better with the small tube. Why did she completely fill the larger tube if this is the case? Her explanation made me feel very uncomfortable and overall felt like I was in an unclean/unsafe environment.

I will be filing a complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Procedure.

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