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I am a patient who has tried repeatedly to make my appointment for fasting labs at the LabCorp facility in Oceanside, California. I have spent a minimum of three hours so far over three sessions at my computer. The first time all the pages but one were down. The second time I could find a page for scheduling at Oceanside, but it showed only other LabCorp sites in surrounding cities - not the one where I need/want to go. (It was my understanding that my doctor's orders were for the Oceanside location, but in any case, I do not want to travel out of my town when there is a full lab right here.) The third time was tonight when I have been searching for the appointment scheduling page. I finally found it and was entering the boxes - how many patients, type test, if fasting, day, time, etc., when, surprise!, next page said it was not available. Unbelievable! If my time is valued at $50/hr, this activity has cost me or my employer over $150.00, not counting the time to write this review. I happen to be retired, with an at-home business, but when I was working full time my value was anywhere from $3.50/hr (many years ago) to $150/hr. I will try one more time and if I am not successful I will request my physician use another lab.

My biggest disappointment is that I wanted to get this appointment on my calendar, then schedule my follow-up appointment with my physician before the end of this work week. The weekend has begun and I do not have my needed information. I am temporarily disabled to a point where I need to blast my "Driving Ms. Bev" list to the handful of friends who have been driving me. Now - Thank you, LabCorp, - I cannot post my "needs" list until late Monday, at the earliest. That means I cannot schedule my labs for next week. It throws everything off. Now, because other doctor appointments and medical procedures are already on the calendar, my lab work and follow up with my primary physician must wait until mid-September, a month from now.

My suggestion to LabCorp is hire an IT person who has the ability to design pages and links that an average consumer can navigate. I have a Bachelor's degree plus and many specialty trainings. I have been a teacher and I have been in sales management at the national level. I have used a computer for shopping and scheduling for 19 years. Because of disabilities 98% of what I buy is purchased online. I am not a beginner.

Before ending, I want to mention my first experience with LabCorp about a year ago. I had neglected to get my confirmation number and so my appointment status became a walk-in. The employee at the reception counter was loud, rude, chewed me out. I decided to wait during which time two other patients commented to me that she had been rude to them also.I believe I saw her later as a technician. Whew, she was not the one drawing my blood.

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