Sarasota, Florida
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Went to Labcorp for medical tests Sarasota. There were several elderly patients arguing with confrontational Labcorp employees that they had provided urine samples, staff insisted they had not.

Elderly man stated that he witnessed his sample being stolen.

My blood was drawn and was handed a cup and plastic lid like a coffee cup. Name written on it, no number. Bathroom was filthy there were numerous puddles, spots of urine onfloor,counters,sinks. Many rings of urine left by previous cups on the counter.

Apparent that urine was from numerous persons. No alcohol wipe or instructed to wipe my hands.

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The're running Labcorp!!!!!


I have plenty of patience for new employees. This girl was not new in Lehigh Acres, Fl.

I had been to the old facility and they took copies of my scrip and Ins. I was there 2 or 3 times, no problems, very nice. They moved and I have been back twice with issues. Why take copies if you are not going to keep them on file?

She told me she didn't have my scrip this time which was a standard weekly order. I went all the way back home to get it, and when I came back she never even asked for my Insurance card. I then knew she had my records and there was no need for me to run all the way home. On the other hand I had Rick draw blood and I never felt a thing.

He was polite and good at what he does. They need to hire well mannered and helpful people at the front desk, not quick with an attitude.

Sorry I didn't get her name, my fault. They seem very un-organized, please send good help at the front desk.


It was the first and last time I will use this place for testing. I had a thyroid test in december and they just sent the results to the doctor in second week of Feb..

on top of that they charged me 450$ for the test although everything was covered by the BCBS plan. Insurance company tells me I dont owe them anything but these retarded people keep sending me the bills.

@not going back

Your out of network LabCorp is not your in network lab.

@not going back

I understand this is a little late, but United told me that if a network provider charges you above what they agreed to with United, you should notify United, and not pay. They will even have the charge removed from your credit report.If your statement says your responsibility is 0, 20, 40, 100 etc.

any charge above that is not legitimate. But as you can see here, it is best to stay away.


I just went in to get lab work for my thyroid and I got a bill for $1,300!!! How is this even legal?

There is no way you can charge a person that much for a routine blood test. There has to be a class action lawsuit for this jerks.


I happen to love lab corp. I have always been treated with kindness and respect. I don't know why people can't just have a little patients with those that are just learning...witch is the only reason I can imagine any lab corp employee doing anything to upset a pt.

@stacey lopez

No one should have patience for unsanitary conditions in a drug testing mill. Look at the pics.


I have had my credit ruined by them. I keep paying my bills but they say I have not paid, so I pay again.

I pay over and over again and they charge me more for things they have never even done. This place should be exposed and shut down.


Just returned from Labcorp for blood testing. They scanned a credit card for the amount insurance would not cover but had no idea what that amount might be.

My arm still hurts where the tech stuck me; I frequently have blood drawn at different labs for cancer tests and it never hurts afterward. I will never return to Labcorp for any type of testing.


Follow up: It has now been 12 days. I have an appt.

with the Dr to review the results tommorow. I phoned the Dr to assure that they have the results. They did not have them and they were not on the Labcorp computer system.

As of this afternoon, one employee and a nurse had spent all afternoon dealing with Labcorp in an attempt to obtain the results. This company is incompetent on every level I experienced.


Labcorp is a scam. Every year they say they need to update my information so they can bill my insurance but when I ask them what info they have, it is my current information.

Also they claim they have this problem in many other states. Hmmmm. They always send me a form to update my info and I send it back right away. Funny though they say they never recieve that form.

They are liars and cheats. Somebody please do something about this horrible company!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!