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I had to have a drug screen for a job... Unfortunately I went to the restroom prior I sat and drank a few cups of water and indicated to the nurses I am ready to since they were just sitting down conversatingb..

She said you will have to wait we will put you in rotation.... Nasty nasty...

I work in a hospital... You need to re-evaluate the pgople you are hiring if they are working with the public ...ZERO EMPATHY

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There's no way you work in a hospital if you refer to the people at Labcorp as nurses. Maybe you mop the hallways or work in the kitchen, but definitely not clinical.

The real point is why did you go to the bathroom before going to take a urine drug test? That's just plain mind boggling dumb.

The kind of dumb that you probably shouldn't be out and about in public on your own. Simple Jack levels of idiocy.

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