Hermitage, Tennessee
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I am under medication where by federal mandate, I undergo random drug screening, to ensure that I am not abusing my medication. I willfully and dutifully oblige any requests to be screen.

The last two drug tests were a debacle at best. LabCorps is contracted by my doctor’s office, to do any drug testing. The name, address, and phone number of my doctor’s office, is seen at the end of this letter. I come in to the doctor’s office monthly for this medicine, and 1 month after the first test, my doctor stated that the results were “invalid.” This was shocking to him, and the statement of the results did not put me at ease, seeing this is my first time being drug tested for my medication.

Dr. Major put me at ease and informed me that all I will need to do under another drug screening. This is no big issue. However, within about a week after the first test, I received a bill from LabCorp.

The bill was about $400, which stated that I am to pay for the drug screening from the “invalid” test. Within the next couple days, I called LabCorps to explain the issue. The customer service representative was unable to explain why the test was invalid, nor was she able to give my results (her response: “You will need to call your doctor. We are unable to share patient results over the phone.”).

I brought this to my doctor’s attention. He went to work over the next month, and about the next 6 months trying to get the issue resolved, with no ability to make any headway. He instructed me to not pay that specific bill, nor the next one, stating that they were at fault for botching this issue up and that they should be responsible for the testing, seeing they botched the first result.

Since then, it has been a cycle of them LabCorps not understanding or accepting blame for what has occurred.

I am still instructed not to pay this, over a year later.

Reason of review: Lack of understanding testing protocol. I want to be absolved of paying this debt..

Preferred solution: I want the bill to be wiped, and the collection service (Credit Collection Services) to be called off..

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