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This afternoon I went to my local LabCorp with a prescription from my doctor to have something done today. I don't have the physical card but I have copies of it had my ID card.

There was no one there when I signed in no one came to the window waited for over 10 minutes. Get called back to the desk and the young lady my ID the script from my doctor and she said "if you don't have your insurance card I can't do nothing for you just bring it back when you have your ID card" and the young lady got up and walked away.

I then proceeded to ask her if a picture was not good enough because the provider who has the card is out of state. I then proceeded to call a corporate location and the representative named Jill was very rude and disgusting over the phone so hopefully if it was reported you guys can go through it because based on customer service in your location and over the phone if that's what you guys pride yourself on I would rather find somewhere else to go to have my blood work.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Blood Test Procedure.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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If you have any type of insurance, you are basically required to have your card with you at all times.My doctors now take a picture of their patients which go on their patient portal so when I come in, they look at my records online, then at me and make sure I am who I say I am.Why would the provider of your card be out of state if it is your card? Something doesn't make sense.


Oh get over yourself snowflake!! They CANT take a photo copy because of FRAUD!!!

You know this!!! You knew when you couldnt find the original card that a photo copy MIGHT NOT be taken. So you’re WHINING that they didn’t allow you to potentially defraud them and then WHINING again because their corporate masters backed THEM up. Get the original card and then go back.

I guess at your age every moment is precious so maybe stop screwing up and do things the RIGHT WAY and NOT the way YOU THINK it should be done. This is 100% YOUR FAULT!! Deal with it, get the card, and learn to be a better person because of it.

Otherwise you sound like some old *** who is stuck in the past and demands that everything Is done the way YOU WANT IT. YOUR FAILURE IS NOT THEIR FAULT!!


Sweetheart let stop it with the Fraud *** I clearly have it downloaded of the health insurance carrier app. And I was told by my health insurance carrier that just as sufficient as the regular Insurance ID card and I also had my driver's license so one calm yourself to Let's also remember something that everyone's up to doing fraud.