Raleigh, North Carolina
Not resolved

absolutely the worst service, had to go for a drug test for employment drove 45 mins to a location the lady from the customer service phone number gave me and its permantely closed everyone i talked to doesnt know what they are talking about absolutely frustrating, get ur *** together its frustrating when people are trying to get a job and the company for the drug screening is holding you back bc their employees dont even know what they are doing, maybe they need to take a drug test bc obvisously they are either high or ***, and the fact i drug my son out who is 6 months old an employee was walking out the door to smoke while i was pushing a stroller and didnt even hold the door for me, talk about absolutely rude, im almost half tempted to forget the job bc this company is 100% not smarter than a 5th grader

Reason of review: people dont know what they are talking about ur employees are stupid called customer service twice plus the ur desk employees told me 3 different locations to go 2 and nothing was correct .

Monetary Loss: $80.

LabCorp Cons: Incompetent, No results, Not giving results ignoring requests to fix the problem.

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