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Plymouth Meeting, PA

I went to this facility in October of 2016 for routine blood work. I have a huge phobia of giving blood. When I met my technician, I tried to explain to her that I was very nervous and needed to lay down during the blood work. She ignored me. A few minutes later while she took my insurance card, I expressed again how this is hard for me and I need to lay down. Her response “It’ll be fine.” She sends me back to the room. I wait for her. She comes in and DOES NOT lay me down as I requested several times. I usually pass out. I usually get light headed. I know this from experience. I obviously requested this for a reason. She ignored it. She began to look at my left arm. I nicely explained to her that I’ve had a lot of success with my right arm. Her response “I’m going to look at the left arm first and make a decision.” She did not care at all how I was feeling or what worked for me in the past. For all I’m concerned she wanted me to be scared. She proceeded to draw blood from the left arm all while I’m still sitting up. She makes a comment “See when you get all upset your veins hide.” Ridiculous! I hydrated the entire day before the blood test and had 64 ounces of water that morning prior to the test. My veins weren’t hiding at all. She was merely blaming her poor technique on me. If she would have used my right arm like I had recommended, she wouldn’t have had to probe to find veins and hurt me. I warned her! When the blood test was finished she asked how I felt. I told her I felt like throwing up and passing out. Did she lay me down at that point? No! Instead she gave me a wet paper towel for my face. What was that going to do? No water? No ice pack? Do NOT go here. They are not compassionate. They are not professional. Needless to say I left there in tears. Is this how you treat someone who has a phobia? Not to mention when I was coming to and relaxing after the blood test, the technician proceeded to tell me how the day before a girl got real sick giving blood and passed out to the floor. She wasn’t coming to so they had to call 911 and the entire ER staff was at Lab Corp tending to this girl. Why on earth would you tell me this? I just had blood work, I’m scared and I don’t feel well and you’re telling me how a girl got really sick. Really!?!?!?! Shame on Lab Corp for not better training your staff to actually care about the patient. The patient needs and wants come first. Listen! Listen to what the patient is telling you. I will never step foot in this Lab Corp again. Go here if you want to be mistreated.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Blood Test Procedure.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Good Grief!

You are pathetic. She got your blood.

You did not faint. Do you think all they have to do is draw your blood and then the tech is done? Next? It is not like that at all.

Every blood draw takes 20 minutes to clot, 20 minutes to centrifuge and 20 minutes to process. Then they have to pack it by a certain time. If it is not done, they get written up.

They are ALWAYS understaffed!

Quit being a *** baby, and start adulting.