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My lab bill was considerably higher than what the medical staff told me it should be. I called Labcorp when my bill was in the low $200 range.

On my first call, I was told that the bill could be reduced by rebilling it as self-pay. After two phone calls and more than an hour on hold waiting for a supervisor to see what could be done, they came back and said (as if they were doing me some big favor) that they could adjust my bill to $280 dollars! That is about $50 more than what the billed amount was to begin with! They knew full well that they were being rude.

They insulted my intelligence and wasted my time. The supervisor was intentionally discourteous and did not do Michelle, the service rep, any favors either.

The supervisor made the phone rep look bad by making her do the dirty work of presenting a ridiculous suggestion. Their customer service team came across as unreasonable, rude and unintelligent.

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