Anchorage, Alaska
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My wife was hurt while working at LabCorp as an employee. After paying for the immediate medical bills, but refusing to pay the long term disability payments, they terminated her for being disabled and unable to perform her job there.

The settlement for the Worker's Compensation claim includes a dismissal with prejudice to preclude any further legal action, a statement that my wife "voluntarily resigns from and agrees not to seek reemployment" with LabCorp, and a statement prohibiting discussion of the case or settlement.

That's why this is being posted prior to enforcement. This is LabCorp's way of "preventing" bad publicity.

By the way, the settlement is about 1/4 of a year's wages, and she has a number of years to go before retirement. How's that for caring for your employees?

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They screwed me too


Was she wearing the proper attire for the area she was in when she got hurt? Have heard that LabCorp will fire you if you do not follow their dress standards (which is signed upon hire).

ie: wear labcoat, gloves, face shield and closed toe shoes. If she was doing that then you you have a case, if she wasn't.

Well, they have the right.

Sorry she got hurt/lost her job.


Sure hope you never get hurt on the job working for your employer. But then, you probably don't have a job.

Easy to say "don't get hurt", much harder to do it. How's your carpal tunnel situation, you ***?