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I went to the Stratford, NJ location by Kennedy hospital for a glucose screening test. When I walked in, I was the only patient there.

There were 3 women sitting/standing up at the check-in desk and NOT ONE of them greeted me or acknowledged my presence. I signed myself in and saw on the sheet that if I hadn't been to that location before that I needed to fill out some paperwork that was on the wall behind me.....there was no wall or paperwork, so I politely asked the very rude women sitting in front of me who was talking about how good her chicken was that she was eating, while literally picking her teeth (BARF!). I literally gagged as she was picking chicken from her teeth and talking with food in her mouth as she gave me some rude answer. I sat down and drank my sugary drink for the next hour, with no instructions from anyone at all.

It came close to my hour being up, and I had to use the restroom. I poked my head around to the front desk to make sure it was ok to urinate, but of course no one was in sight....although I could hear them all laughing and talking right behind the wall. So I used the bathroom. They called me for my bloodwork, and when I got in the back, the tech asked me where my sample was!

I said what sample? She said well you NEED a urine sample for this-very rudely mind you. I replied that it was in the toilet because no one had instructed me on anything or told me I also needed a urine. She showed me a urine cup and said you mean you don't have somehow it was my fault I forgot to bring my own urine in.

She then said well you're gonna have to sit and drink until you give a sample. So after already sitting there for over and hour and having my 4 tubes drawn, and already urinating, now I had to sit and drink until I could pee again......all because none of the rude lazy employees wanted to do their job!!! Now I am worried that they even drew for the right things! After drinking enough to be able to provide a little bit of urine, I brought my cup to the front.

One of the women was on the phone, I tried to hand it to her, and she said you gotta put that in the back. I pointed to a door and said there? She gave me some sort of a nod. I opened the door, and again no one was there.

So I asked the lady on the phone if I should just put it on the counter....she rolled her eyes and shook her head. And I walked out. They were some of the rudest, laziest, people I have met!!!

Not to mention I think only 3 or maybe 4 other patients came in the whole time I was it was not like they were even remotely busy! Which wouldn't have even given an excuse for the non caring ignorant attitude that they all had!

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

I didn't like: Unqualified staff, Sick attitudes, Customer serivce.

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