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Made an appt yesterday on Labcorp's website for a Conyers location. The website clearly shows what times are and are not available. I chose 11:30, and got a confirmation number.

Today when I arrived at 11:29, and with the front door clearly showing they are closed from 12:00 to 1:00 for lunch, I was told to come back at 1 pm because they were closed for lunch.

This is a 25 mile round trip for me, so being told to get lost and come back at their convenience, after getting THEIR confirmation of the appt time from THEIR website, ticked me off more than a little bit. Either fix the website to not allow 11:30 appts to be made, change the sign on the door showing lunch time, or honor the appt. at the confirmed time.

How unprofessional and just plain *** rude to inconvenience a client who shows up on time for a confirmed appt. Shame on those people. That is not the way to conduct business!

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

LabCorp Cons: Customer service.

  • Unprofessional Customer Service
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I am in the same boat.

Just arrived for my 12.15 appointment to say that three people are also booked at 12.15.

This is bloody nonsense and I will demand my money back should I miss being back in the office late.