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I had health insurance with Horizon Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Jersey (Horizon).

In network outpatient lab work was provided by Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings (Labcorp).

Due to the limitations of the policy, there was a limit of $500.00 per year for this benefit.

During October 2010, I visited my primary doctor, blood was drawn and sent to Labcorp. Horizon was billed for four (4) tests - two (2) were paid in full, one was paid partially and the last was not paid. The Explanation of Benefits sent to me did not show the remaining balance for out patient testing.

For the partially paid test, Horizon was billed at $104.00, allowed amount $20.21, paid $1.85. The last test was billed at $66.00, allowed amount $11.68, not paid.

When this first started, I offered to pay the unpaid contract amounts of $30.04 - not accepted.

I see no reason why I should pay more than five times the contract amount for a test. Also, I have not worked since January 2008 and can't afford to pay $66.00.

If you have Horizon for health insurance or any other health insurance that uses Labcorp as the exclusive out patient testing service, then you should look for new insurance or if employer provided ask for new insurance.

If enough of us stop using Labcorp and the insurance companies that cater to this company we could put them out of business.

Provide feedback to government agencies;

Federal Trade Commission

call 877-382-4357 or visit to file a complaint online.


To find a local field office and drill down to the division to find the local office closest to you or use the online form

US Postal Inspection Service or call 877-876-2455.

For NJ start at

In New Jersey contact NJDOBI at (insurance form)

For Consumer Affairs download the form at and mail.

For other states find the state web site or check the phone book for government listings.

If you have already posted here, contact the agencies listed above.

Monetary Loss: $54.

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Same for' me. Ins.

paid a 'negotiated' rate of $9 on a $75 charge.

I asked them to negotiate with me; they said sure, $75.

By the way, their rep had told my physician the test was covered. I send $5.00 of negotiated fee!


Just had my bi-annual blood advised that on test was not covered by my plan (Lipid Panel) LabCorp charged me $90.00 for this test. I checked with a friend who has better coverage by same insurance company....Labcorp charges $9.10 for ths test if insured....they want TEN TIMES that amount from me because I'm uninsured............thieves...


Wow since 2008? Thats pathetic. Get a job.