Springfield, Pennsylvania

I was scheduled for surgery in July and naturally there is Pre-op bloodwork required and my insurance company had recently switched to Lab Corp. During my first visit to this place the person that was reading a magazine at the desk gave me a paper and wanted to be sure they had my credit card on file so they could automatically charge me if the Insurance didn't cover the entire test then this individual got up from his magazine and proceeded to put on gloves.

I said I'm a nurse wash your hands... he said he forgot. He also forgot to submit my results to the surgeon so you can imagine my surprise when I was called by the surgeons office a week before my surgery asking where my labs were. Luckily they'd sent results to me so I made copies at Staples and faxed them to the surgeon.

There is enough to do when you're preparing for a procedure without worrying about your lab botching things up. A very unprofessional business but you're at their mercy.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Procedure.

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