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To the President/CEO of Lab Corp.,

I was told to go and get some lab work...So I chose Lab Corp...I had been their before and everyone I met there was professional and caring, understanding....But, when I went this time and told the young lady that I had a standing order for some lab work, she told me to sign in and have a seat (which I did)...I waited about 30 minutes and was called back to the window, now she said (rudely), that she wanted my insurance card, I had some problems in finding it at first, and while looking for it, she rudely again said she wanted my card, when I found it, she told me to sit down again, my wife and I waited about 20 minutes longer, was called up to the window again, and now was told (again with this rude attitude) she didn't have any standing order for me.

So I left, angry, she couldn't have told me this when I came in, but her rude uncaring attitude....I will be looking for another lab in my area...If these are the kind of people you have now, I Don't Need You!!!!!

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Ditch all the talk...this patient was treated poorly, this should not have happened, period, and could have been prevented easily. What do ya mean "more than 15 minutes"!!!!.

I've never worked a clinic patients waited over 15, at least without an apology and detailed explanation. This was not allowed unless an ambulance was outside the clinic.

LabCorp, get a method, post it for patients and staff to read, do what it says and become transparent. Then, post that number for "How am I doing?" Rate my service.

That ought to get some results! We are a service entity now!

If enough complain and standards are met, maybe there will be justification for more JOBS as service quality should improve! one hopes.


I am an ex-LC employee; I do understand your delima. To help expidite future visits have your credit card, DL and Insurance card ready when you enter the office. It would aslo be a good idea to have a copy of your standing order just in case the tech has a hard time finding it.

The attitude of these Tech's incomprehenciable and should be dealt with; you can always call the 800 number and file a complaint against this site.


I am a lc employee and I apologize for your experience, but I am writing you to offer some insight. Before I start, I want to say that I don't know what facility you went to or who that tech was, and I am not making any type of excuses. You should have been treated that way!

Now, with that said, I would like to give you the other perspective... The busier sites see over a hundred people everyday and every site is short staffed. Despite the fact that corporate imposes a hiring freeze every year, they still expect a certain average wait time, credit card captures, etc. If, at the end of the day, the numbers that we submit does not meet their expectations, we have to answer for the short comings.

[[For example, Lc tells the insurance company that we can keep the average wait time less than 20 min. If the average wait time is consistently higher, the result could be a loss of contract.]]

So, when we are busy, each minute is precious. If half of our patients take time to fumble around for their insurance card or we have to spend time looking for orders that are not there, well, you can see how that ends a mess for us.

Additionally, when we cannot find an order that may or may not have been faxed to us, many of our patients ask us to call the dr. This takes our time and the time of drs and nurses that are just as busy and have to meet standards set by patients, insurance companies, etc. We often get a lot of attitude from the equally stressed physicians/nurses. This also happens when the dr writes an incomplete/ambiguous order that needs to be clarified.

Aside from the time issue, we deal with other patients that give attitude because the wait is long. It does not speed up the process if you ask every 15 min "how much longer do I have?" In fact, that just adds stress and agitates the techs. We don't want you to wait an hour any more than you want to wait an hour, but sometimes that happens! If you are stressed for time and you walk into a lc that already has a room full of people, you should probably return another day/time.

As I said earlier, I do not agree with the actions of that tech but if we try to understand all sides of a situation, it may help us ALL to be more tolerant towards one another.