Tinley Park, Illinois
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I visited the Tinley Park location 10/3/2014, and I was extremely disappointed with the customer service that was provided by the African American woman at the front desk. As I handed this woman my documents she said hang on to those I'll get them later have a seat.

There was no clip board in the window to sign in, so I sat down. There were about 10-12 people in the office during this time. A few moments later, I saw a gentlemen get up to sign in, so I decided to do the same. This woman said loudly, no you can't sign in ...

there are people ahead of you. I said, none of these people has signed in, and she said it doesn't work that way, have a seat ... until your name is called. I said that doesn't make any sense, she intern said would you like to go to another facility.

I said, if I wanted to go to another facility ... I wouldn't be here. She said, what company are you testing for, I ignored her. Then she said, I'll find out, like she was threatening to report false information that would interfere with my getting hired.

I was going to let this issue go, until I thought of how many people she could have possibly caused to lose a job, because she falsely reported information to agencies/companies. Her behavior was rude, disrespectful, insensitive and unprofessional. This type of behavior should not be tolerated. This woman is the first point of contact for LabCorp, and is a disgrace for this organization.

I will be contacting the better business bureau, and LabCorp's board regarding this incident. Agencies, companies and businesses do not spend thousands of dollars to hire LabCorp's company to provide a service, so that potential employees can be humiliated, and disrespected.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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Why do you feel the need to note the race of the employee? I guarantee you've never left a review for a horrible white employee and felt the need to point out that try were white.

Instead you would rather perpetuate negative feelings toward a particular group.

And for that, I do not care about the rest of your story. I'm glad you had a terrible experience.