Rockville, Maryland
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Yesterday, I made an online appointment to get routine bloodwork done at the closest Lab Corps location to my home. Today, I called that location to make sure my doctor had ordered the blood work.

I called the local phone number and had to call three times. Each time I had to listen to the recorded announcement and then was put on hold for the "next available" person. Each time, after I waited about five minutes, the line was disconnected. On the 4th try, I pushed a random number and got through to a human being.

That person, however, was incredibly rude and short with me. She would not tell me if my doctor's order was online - I didn't want to show up for my blood work and be refused because the order might not have been placed - and she asked if the doctor had sent the request to that particular office. I said I did not know and could she please check the record. She refused to look.

She told me to call my doctor's office to find out where it was sent, that I would have to wait between 20-30 minutes for her to check it, and then she just hung up on me. She had a major attitude for the entire phone conversation which probably didn't last one minute! I was very polite to the woman and certainly feel that such a rude and hostile attitude was completely unjustified. She needs to get another job if she can't speak calmly and politely to a customer.

I have called my insurance company and suggested that when they renegotiate their contract, they look into using another lab. I don'twant to be paying for a service to a company who holds their customers in such low regard.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

LabCorp Cons: Poor esrvice.

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