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Labcorp Cockeysville: When I walked in, I was the only patient. I signed in and was ignored by the two ladies who seemed more interested in playing with their personal phones.

I told them my doctor faxed the orders for my blood work. Their response was to tell me to have a seat. It appeared that they resented being interrupted. When I was finally told to come through, there was no greeting or pleasantries.

I was asked for the doctor's phone number. When I replied that I thought it was on the paper work, I was told it wasn't. When I said I didn't have the number, I was told that they couldn't process me without the number. Don't they have the ability to look up a doctor's phone number?

When I finally found the number, I was told to go into room 2. The technician came in and told me to hold out my arm. No greeting whatsoever. I had to put down the arm to the drawing table myself.

When I apologized for inconveniencing them, she frowned and sarcastically said that I wasn't inconveniencing them. I said that it's just that I detected an attitude.

She assured me that they were perfectly happy and had no attitude.

I've been there before and had not experienced this behavior, but the personnel were new to me this's time. I will not be going back to Lancorp.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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