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On August 14 at 12.30 pm I first went to my kidney Dr. to ask where the lab was.

They directed me to another building (a long walk) where the lab is located. When I got there I told them I was supposed to get labs for a Dr. Appt the next day. A very rude employee by the name of Vickie Abney was upset at me over not having a Dr.

order. She would not call my Dr.s Office to find out about the order, and when I asked the phone no. of Dr.(Another long walk back to Dr. Office) she said she didn't know the number and would not get it for me.

I said I am going to another LabCorp location for my labs. She said she didn't care what I did.

I went to LabCorp at Beaumont Ctr Lexington, and they were so nice and courteous and took my labs w/o any hassle. They said they had received complaints about Vickie before.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Blood Test Procedure.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: an apology from employee.

LabCorp Pros: Good service at beaumont location.

LabCorp Cons: Very poor service at harrodsburg rd location.

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By the way, I drank a lot of coffee and water before going for my labs, so I could *** in the cup, and I was prepared.


Hey Coward, if you want to contact me with further insults, my name is James V. Tevis, U S Navy (Ret) ph 859-878-7114 email I will be waiting for your call if you have the guts to contact me, as I said I am willing to meet you in person.


First you don’t have the right to publish her name on the web. That was very poor form on your part especially the cowardly way you post.

Without YOUR name. Under a fictional name yet you have the nerve to publish her name because YOU FAILED!! You were not prepared and you expected the front desk lab personnel to bail you out. When they couldn’t do that because ITS NOT THEIR JOB TO DO IT, you go on the web and show the entire web what a C u next Thursday you really are.

When you have lab work done there is ALWAYS some paperwork that needs to be presented. Boo boo you had to walk. YOUR DOCTOR and YOU don’t have the phone number?? At what point are you just going to admit that YOU SCREWED UP????

You didn’t have a work order, you didn’t have you doctors information and you were completely unprepared. It’s not the labs fault that you are a loser who respects no one else’s existence except your own. That’s ALL on you. Maybe we should see how fast your little *** puckers when the employee sees your post and initiates a civil case against you.

Yep that’s right!! By placing her full name on the web you have put that person in both potential danger and besmirched their reputation because {{Redacted}} and accept that this was ALL on you.


I did post my name on complaint, you are the Coward, you didn't give your name.


I did give my name on my post - it is James V. Tevis, and I am not a coward.

The person who wrote review didn't give his name, he or she is a coward. As to my walking, I am 78 years old with stage 4 kidney disease, and it is not easy to walk. I don't have much energy. The employee at LabCorp should have been more helpful and courteous.

The Drs Office said my order was at LabCorp before I reported there. As to the employee suing me in a civil suit, I say bring it on! As to my little ****puckering up, that can't happen because my rectum and entire colon was removed due to severe UC. So this person who posted didn't know the entire situation.

By the way, I served 26 years in the Navy, I am not a failure, I served my Country and now I have a huge monthly income because of Navy Pension, and Social Security and Retirements from companies. My name is James V Tevis, and if this person wants to meet me in person, I am willing.

Let me Know, Coward! I doubt if you ever served your Country, you are probably a Draft Dodger!


Mr. Trevis, I am sorry to hear about your health condition and admire your service to the US Navy.

I'm sorry to say but based on the post that you posted and post by anonymous I have to say I completely disagree with you. It's not the phlebotomist fault that you had to walk a long way across the street. It's also not a phlebotomist fault that you didn't have your papers in handy which from my understanding being a man of your age should know that whenever you go to any laboratory you need to have the doctors order. For that I cannot sympathize with you.

I do however feel great compassion for you. Perhaps you simply did not know you need a lab order or the doctor simply forgot to provide one for you.

Regardless where you are and what you achieved in life it's not right to blame someone else for your shortcomings. I will keep you in my prayers.


Thank you, and I have already prayed for you, I am not totally blameless for my experience. I am sure you are doing well in life and will continue to pray for you, whatever your name is. Thank you for your prayers.