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I took my son who has Aspergers to the NE Baptist location Lab Corp for a pre-employment drug test. From the moment I wanted in, the receptionist was very rude.

My son takes medications that would obviously show up on his test (Vyvanse and Adderall). I brought the bottles of medicine in so they would know what he takes that is prescribed by the doctor. The receptionist rudely said, I don't need to see those, I don't do the testing. Okay, so obviously a Dr.

Lopez called my son and wanted to know what medicines he takes. So I had to make copies of the labels on all of his meds. Then, come to find out, they wanted to see my sons picture ID; but, failed to return it to him. I called that office yesterday to make sure they had it (which they did), and I asked if they could mail it to us.

She said no, we don't have any stamps. In all of the businesses I work for, if I did not do what I should have, I would not make the customer go out of their way. I would do what ever I could to not *** the customer off AGAIN.

I do monthly blood draws and urinalysis (and will be for the next 7 years)due to a medication I get infused for my Multiple Sclerosis (Lemtrada) and I use Quest Diagnostics. I had the option of using Lab Corp; but, now that I see how unprofessional the people are, I would never, ever use you services.

I will be letting Genzyme know how awful this location is and hopefully Lab Corp will no longer be a choice for any of the people taking their medicine. Maybe Lab Corp needs to do a better background check and remind their employees that customer service can make or break a company.

Reason of review: Poor Customer Service and Order processing issues..

LabCorp Cons: Unprofessional and unmotivated, Strongly dislike for the reasons i stated earlier.

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Your only gonna be happy if your told what YOU wanna hear. Its what it is and no shade.


Because they dont have nothing to do with any medication people are on they just give the test. Imform whomever sent you there about all this stuff