Newport News, Virginia

Tuesday May 20th I had a 7:45am appointment at LabCor at 860 Omni Boulevard. I arrived on time.

20 minutes later staff told me they were calling the requesting doctor because something on the lab request was not clear and needed clarification from the doctor.

They said they were trying to contact him by phone.

They said I could come back another time or wait until they made contact. I waited.

5 - 10 minutes later they called me in and said they had contacted the doctor and been told what was needed.

On Thursday May 29th my wife called the doctor to check all results had arrived. The doctor’s office said one of the tests requested had not been done. My wife called LabCorp to ask about the test that was not done. She was told only standard tests were ever done, and a new order was needed for more tests. She arranged for the order to be sent to LabCorp again. I was told the new order had been received and I had to take time off work again for another blood draw that should have been handled previously.

I made another appointment for Friday May 30th - 9:00am. I waited at least 15 - 20 minutes again after saying that I was back to have done what should have been done the first time. One of the reception people said they had not done anything wrong, that the doctor had checked ‘other’ and written instructions in the 'other' box elsewhere on the form and that they never look at ‘other’. I said surely if ‘other’ is checked you should look at the ‘other’ box, they insisted they never look at ‘other’. So their delay the first time and supposedly talking to the doctor accomplished nothing. I was told this time that I would not be charged a blood draw fee. To me, that is an admission of fault.

It seems that your staff needs training to read the forms in their entirety, and to complete all the tests (even if non standard) requested by doctors.

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