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When I had a test done at Labcorp they billed my insurance with the wrong code # for that procedure and it was denied and they billed me. Now they will not resubmit with the right code # and I can not get my money back that they charged to my credit card at the time of service.

I made several calls to Labcorp regarding this matter and they refuse to change the code # to the right one. When I called my insurance company they told me all Labcorp has to do is resubmit the clam with the right code # and they will pay them and they can refund my credit card.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Procedure.

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Maybe they forgot to submit the entire claim. One time Quest Diagnostics did that to me.

The bull came straight to me with a concrete denial reason from Insurance. After a few calls to my insurance company, a study of the only claim they got (approved) vs. Quest bill (more procedures) and emails and to Quest, I got a refund for what I paid after they resubmitted the missing claims and got reimbursed. So make sure the whole claim was submitted.

I got an blood drawn during pregnancy for a screening test and the only claim received was 'needle ***' and the blood analysis part and was not submitted by QUEST. They wrote Insurance rejected because it's an investigational procedure which it is but my insurance covered it and the only reason it was 'denied' was because QUEST never submitted the second half of the claim.


There are Dx codes which your doctor puts on your claim or cpt code/test codes that your doctor orders. Your insurance didn't pay because your dx codes didn't cover your procedure.


Hey phlobotomist, if the MD had given the patient lab paperwork with the wrong code, then the patient would have received the wrong procedure! Sounds to me like the patient received the correct test so then it could only be that Labcorp made the mistake.

Seems you can read but can you comprehend. Down with Labcorp!!!!!


It is your doctors resposibility to put the correct codes for procedures not labcorp. we are not doctors or nurses and are not allowed to change or alter any type of forms, papers, codes, tests, etc.

They are considered legal documents to us and can loose our jobs if we did something like that. I'm not losing my job over anyone. Only the physician or his nurse can put the codes and resubmit.

We are phlebotomists. No MD or RN next to our titles

@***ed off employee

The problems continues to be that doctors submit a diagnosis & code, but they don't choose nor input the CPT codes. LabCorp does that!

And often does it wrong. They always say they call the doctor to verify the CPT codes but the doctor's office(s) all say they never called about it.