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I HATE Lab Corp! My situation has been going on for about a year. I requested hardship designation because I lost my job and Congress refused to renew unemployment benefits. They refused to give me a hardship designation because I said if I sent in my tax return from 2013, which they were asking for, I would not be granted a hardship. In other words, my 2013 tax return was completely different than this year (2014) in that 2013 I made a decent living and in 2014 I have made just about ZERO.

They also refused to accept small payments of $10 a month - I only owe about $200!! So, many months ago I spoke with a supervisor who said if I sent in information from the social security administration, she might consider giving me the hardship. I spend several weeks getting that information and it finally comes in the mail. I call that supervisor. (By the way, I had spoken to SEVERAL other supervisors and customer service people prior to this point trying to get answers.) Again, I call that supervisor, and again, and again - leaving FIFTEEN MESSAGES for her. She returned my call ONCE, leaving me a message that did not really say anything. I have no idea if they received my fax. So, I call several other people. One says they never received a fax. I get a hold of another supervisor who says to fax it in again. I do. I call her back to see if she received the fax. I call her again, and again, and again - leaving TEN messages for her!! No return call. In the meantime, my account is going into outside collections which I am doing everything to try and prevent as I have perfect credit. AND, since I have a chronic illness, I am desperately needing to get lab work done and they won't let me because I can't pay and they won't let me make small $10 payments either! Idiots!!

So, I call my insurance company who makes a "courtesy" call to LabCorp, which makes no difference what-so-ever.

Then, I call someone who helped me before at LabCorp on another issue. She does not get back to me until I call her several times. She leaves a final message with me saying she spoke with a few people, gave me their first names - people who I had never spoken to before. I had given her the names and numbers of the two supervisors who never returned my calls. Who knows if she actually called them.

Long story short, a $200 bill is going to outside collections, despite the hours upon hours I spent trying to resolve the issue. LabCorp won't let me make $10 monthly payments AND, I cannot get Lab work done to monitor a chronic illness until I pay.

Time to contact an attorney.

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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