Mount Laurel, New Jersey
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The LABCORP located at: 8101 Hinson Farm Road, Alexandria, VA 22306 is HORRABLE.

3 weeks in a row we needed blood work done so I went online and made an appointment for Monday’s. The 1st visit we were seen 10 minutes after our appointment time, this was acceptable. On the 2nd visit we were seen 25 minutes AFTER the appointment time. On the 3rd visit we waited 30 minutes AFTER our appointment time. We watched as people, WITHOUT an appointment go before us even though we went online filled out all the paperwork ahead of time and made the appointment. This is clearly unacceptable!

To be fair, there was only ONE technician there who had to do all the paperwork for those without an appointment and she was also the only one drawing blood etc. This is a very busy LABCORP office. This LABCORP needs to hire more staff and MEET SCHEDULED APPOINTMENT TIMES. The office is extremely small and seats maybe 10-14. Often clients have to stand in the waiting area or wait outside. The waiting area is a nightmare. The restroom is located in the waiting area which I also feel is unacceptable.

Senior staff needs to take a look at the day-to-day operations of this LABCORP and make some serious improvements regarding more staff, a larger office space with restrooms in the back areas where the testing is done to allow client privacy.

I will be scheduling future appointments at the Duke Street LABCORP. It’s a little further for us to drive but there I know staff will meet our appointment time, be friendly, informative, helpful and always have a smile on their faces. They have been wonderful when I have gone there in the past.

LABCORP senior staff, we are clients and we do have a choice whether or not to use your lab or go to another lab accepted by our insurance. Wake up and fix these problems at the Hinson Farm address. I would like to use it in the future however will not until some serious improvements have been made.

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Lab Corp in Sewell, NJ Washington Pavillion treated me as a patient in a HORRIBLE, Unproffessional and threatening way.

I went in to their office and they lost my script from my previous visit. They did not take initiative to call my doctors office for a new script.

I was made to drive to my doctors office for the new script.

A technician named Dawn repeatedly said that I was in the wrong. I told her I deal with patients daily and never treated a patient that bad. Dawn stated I doubt that, I bet you do treat your patients bad.

Another technician stated we just took your blood so don't be mean to us.

I was only stating they should call my doctors office for a new script.My doctors office was on the phone with me at this time stating they will write a note about how badly I am being treated at Lab Corp.They heard Dawn and the other technicians verbally treating me bad. None of these technologists even tried to help me get my script, or care for me in a proffesional way.


I was also treated badly at Lab Corp, Unprofessionally.