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Update by user Jul 15, 2016

This is a medical lab. No products bought or sold.

The person administering lab test used her phone while my niece was urinating, pointing it directly at her. No phone should ever be in restroom while these tests are being conducted.

Original review posted by user Jul 14, 2016

Just took my niece in for a drug screen. She went in, young girl went with her and watched as she unrinated but then told my niece that she could not use it because of something with the temperature.

She told my niece to try again in thirty minutes. Thirty minutes later, they go back again. My niece begins to urinate, looks up and the LabCorp girl has her phone facing directly at my neice as she tries to urinate. My niece freezes, could only produce a very small amount so they are going to report this as a refusal.

This has got to be the most unprofessional thing I have ever heard of. In what world is this acceptable? Legal? Fits right up there with the voyeurs in my opinion.

I have tried to call to complain but I keep being put on hold because office manager is with a patient. Please do not use this lab!

Reason of review: Invasion of privacy.

Preferred solution: Keep cell phones out of the lab and restrooms! Retrain all employees on HIPPA Laws and just general common sense and cusotmer service..

LabCorp Cons: Privacy being violated, Rude customer service.

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