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Insurance EOB shows I had ECG on 9/17/14 which I didn't. Called my insurance to let them know.

They gave a phone number for them (LabCorp) to dispute. Talked to the non-medically terminology rep and said that was the Dr's order. I said no I had an ECG w/i 1 year and it was never performed. When I said EKG she said no it is an echocardiogram.

I said they did no Doppler / ultrasound of my heart. She said she was not medically trained to know the difference. She said to call the ordering doctor to clear up the order. If it was accidentally on the order, they could verify it was not done by obtaining a copy for proof but to automatically bill for it is wrong.

Are you serious? The doctors office has nothing to do with their billing. The doctors office was appalled. LabCorp rep said Doctors office needed to submit a corrected order.

Now if I had an ECG done on that day wouldn't they have a copy of it as well as the doctor? Yes! But did not offer to look into it. Watch their billing and always keep a copy of your orders for insurance EOB comparison of charges.

LabCorp has always had billing issues.

I just resolved a billing issue from last December recently in July. Once again their error.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

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the reason they did not look into it is because Labcorp doesnt do imaging.


The CS rep doesn't have medical terminology for dang sure because she would of known Echocardiogram is imaging. But LabCorp does do EKG's.