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I want to report a disappointing customer experience not only for my self but multiple other customers.

I arrived Friday Nov. 27,2015 at 1:15 for amy 1:30 reserved appointment at Lab Corp at 925 Arthur Godfrey Rd Ste 200, Miami Beach, FL for blood work with my prescription and insurance card.

I arrived 15 minutes before my scheduled 1:30 PM appointment only to be told the computer system is down and I should go to another location.

I was upset especially since I had driven over 30 minutes in traffic and I had been fasting from the night before (it was after 1:30pm) Rather than drive a hour with no food to another location I told the front desk personnel I would wait awhile in hopes the computer would come back online.

I was then told by the front desk personnel the last blood pickup for was over hour ago at noon because they were supposed to be working only a 1/2 day. The office personnel seemed to be unhappy to be working on a Friday after Thanksgiving so they were having a party in the backroom and watching tv. I explained when I made my appointment on online and the calendar showed a fully booked afternoon with only 1 available afternoon appointment - the one I booked. I said there would be many more customers showing up for their appointments and it was not fair not to call and notify customers if they were closing early.

I told them either you are open for business or you are NOT it is not fair to customers not to notify them.

During the hour I was waiting at lab corp (supposedly for the computers to startup) there were in fact many customers arriving for their appointments only to be told to go somewhere else or come back another day. They were very upset even complaining to the deaf ears of the Lab Corp staff, if they did not have their blood-work done it would not be ready for their dr. and chemo appointments the following week. Many customers like me had been fasting all day.

It was at this point I asked the front desk personnel for their supervisor’s phone number. I was told the supervisor was on vacation. I then asked for the phone number of whomever was in charge. I was given a bogus phone number which I called several times but it was a disconnected number.

This went on for an hour during which time customers came and went- several women and a gentleman arriving for their appointments only to be informed the computer was down to go to another location. They were very upset as was I, they were not notified in advance.

I again asked for the phone number to the supervisor and was told they texted her and she was not answering. I also asked for the phone number to their tech personnel to see if they were in the vicinity to assist with the computer. I was told the tech person was very busy and not answering probably on vacation too.

Finally an hour past my appointment time I was told they would in fact take my blood but they were going to have to take a-lot of blood and it may get lost and it may not get picked up. I did have several vials of blood drawn and hoped for the best. As I write this e-mail I have no idea if my blood will ever get to a lab or my doctor’s office.


Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

LabCorp Cons: Not professional, Way they treat the patients, Attitude did not want to be working.

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AN: Why would anyone have to guess about testing requirements if a patient arrives with the doctor's prescription/order? The apologists for LabCorp are just the lazy lackeys in the back room.

When I go for a test, ONE person acts as receptionist AND the one who draws blood. What are the other six people in the back room doing?


So you're complaining that the computer was down, that they were up front with you about it and that you continued to wait anyway rather than rescheduling?

Let me explain something. In each drawing station there is a central computer.

If that computer crashes, there is no way to order your tests, look up test codes or look up test requirements. Employees can hand write orders, but essentially have to guess what testing requirements are. Of course, they could call your doctors office. But let's see, was your doctors office open on black Friday?

I doubt it. So, you explain to me what those employees are supposed to do other than tell you to reschedule, which they did.

Yeah, your life is just SO unfair.

Did you have to go to work that day and deal with people like you? No.


I am very disappointed to read your very rude remarks. As a scientist within the corporation, it saddens me greatly to first read of someone's unpleasant experience and then to have that followed up by your sarcasm and profound lack of professionalism. You represent the company very, very poorly.


Good day to you Pollotlori,

I would like to thank you & congratulate you for your willingness to invest your time to post your bad experience with LabCorp services for the benefit of others. I did have two unpleasant experiences different than yours. If you like, please copy & past your complaint on this website to the LABCORP WEBSITE directly to have more direct impact; ===>


Absolutely unacceptable!!!!!!