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I am disturbed by the trend among all healthcare companies: Doctors, Labs, Hospitals etc. who perform clinical work and DO NOT inform the patients of the costs involved.

I went into see my Dr. for general fatigue and they took blood samples and had LabCorp perform 10 analysis. The bill for this in the past has cost me about $260-$300 I was shocked at my latest bill for $1430!!!! It sent me into a rage.

I will NEVER trust a Doctor again without asking for costs upfront, if so help me if they try to Absolve themselves by saying they have no idea of the costs involved I will WALK OUT AND NEVER COME BACK. I asked by AC repair man to maintenance my AC unit, he gave me a quote first, why the *** should I not get an estimate from the Lab or Doctor BEFORE doing anything.

These healthcare companies are high jacking my finances and I'm angry and determined to do something about it. And if I discover any legal grounds for compelling them to stop the practice of billing patients outside of what regulations provide I will hire an attorney and make them pay me a pound of flesh for an ounce of trouble.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Blood Test Procedure.

Reason of review: Pricing issue.

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Unfortunately we have a REAL problem with transparency in the USA. You go to your Doctor for a wellness exam under Medicare.

Then the Doctor sends you for blood work to a Labcop. You get your results . Then you get a bill from Labcorp for procedures not covered under Medicare. No one informed you of these extra costs.

You appeal to Medicare. Meanwhile Labcorp sends your bill to Collections. Medicare informs you that certain procedures are not covered.

Did anyone explain this? No!


I had the same experience. I was never even informed that I was with a different company as the blood was drawn in my doctors office.

I was not given information about self pay even though I negotiated with my doctor up front. I would have NEVER agreed to the "simple screen" little test of a few drops that cost over 800.00!!!!

I have gotten NO where in trying to deal with labcorp and though my doctors office says it's taken care of, labcorp turned me to collections. I'm on board to sue for non disclosure .