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On Friday February 2, 2018 I arrived on time for my scheduled appointment at Labcorp, west Bridge Street in Saugerties ,NY. There was one client before me who exited as I was signing in.

The technician and I saw each other through the window which was open. The tech went into the back. I stood at the window for 10 minutes because I had a new insurance card. I said "hello" though the open window and a voice called back telling me to sign in.

At 15 minutes past my appointment time and no sign of the tech and no other patients in sight I made a decision to go and get a staff member to help me or I would have to reschedule. I walked into the lab area, passed the bathrooms and saw no one. I said "hello" again, and heard a voice once more telling me to sign in. I went back out to the lobby to cross my name from the sign in sheet (that displays all client's names) and the tech came out to yell at me for coming into the lab area.

I re-stated that I had an appointment 15 minutes ago and if I couldn't be seen I will need to reschedule. He screamed at me that I had no right to go back there (with food in his mouth) then ordered me to leave! I turned to leave and as I exited a lady entered at the same time and this same tech told her he would take her right away. One other time the lab was not even open until more than 30 minutes after it was supposed to be open and there were elderly and handicapped people waiting in the hall.

I went to another facility and paid a co-pay. But why should I have to do that due to having no choice which lab I can use per my insurance?

This is totally unfair and should be addressed by corporate management. I would not recommend this particular labcorp to anyone.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

LabCorp Cons: Being mis treated by labcorp staff.

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