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Had to take my daughter to the Hamilton,NJ, Labcorp office for blood work, 8/28/2012. I had an appointment for her.

I also needed to have a urine sample done.I decided to do this on the same day as hers, but I did not have an appointment for myself. Walked in, very busy, went to desk to sign in. Women yells, "11:00 oclock appointments". I said, "yes, I have an appointment" On sign up sheet, I checked off the appointment box for my daughter, but not me.

Well, this pissed her off!! I told her that I didn't have an appointment, but my daughter did. That all I needed was a pick up for a urine sample. Daughter needed blood work.

Did I also need an appointment for a pickup?? I was honest. She said"fill out these papers" so I took them and she said to me, "No honey, your daughter!" with a smirk.Really?? Don't you dare try to embarrass me in front of a full room of people and my daughter!

Then she said something to me under her breath and I didn't hear her. I said Excuse me?? and she said, "I talk to myself sometimes." Well my daughter heard her and what she had said was, " Well see about that" when I told her that I was only there for a pick up. I honestly don't know why she had such an attitude with me.

She said to me," give me your insurance card." So I handed her my card and she said to me," What is this?" I said it was my card. She was flipping it all over the place. What kind of insurance is this?? she says.

I told her that all the needed information was on the card. That it was a third party administrator insurance card through Atena. She said," Well I've never seen this before!" Sorry about that, if you never seen that before! Well, she knew that I was getting pissed now and started to back off some.

Why she would be working with the public is beyond me. She definitely hated her job or was just tired of working with the public and I just happened to be there when she went mad!. Her name was Illyann and her reg.

office is in PA. She was just a mess!

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Receptionist.

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