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I looked up lab corp locations online after my doctor's office said I could get my blood labs drawn at either a Quest Diagnostics or a Labcorp location. I chose Labcorp because there was a location next to my house.

The hours for the location stated it closed at 4:30PM on Fridays and walk-ins are welcome. No other instructions. I decided to leave work an hour early so that I could arrive by 3:45PM out of courtesy. I walked through the door of the lab at 4:04PM (after my GPS accidently took me to a labcorp that only does drug tests).

I went to sign in and had my lab orders snatched out of my hand as I was signing in, and was quickly berated. The labcorp employee at this location (his name is Christian according to his name tag) is one of the rudest people I have ever encountered. I work as a nurse and I can't imagine treating any patient the way he treated me. I cannot express his mannerisms over this message, but essentially he acted as though I was the biggest inconvenience of his life.

He openly, loudly, and angrily complained about me and my "large lab order" (5 labs, 3 vials of blood) in front of me and the other customers in the waiting room to his co-worker, all while making angry sighs and shaking his head repeatedly. After taking my information, the lady working with him handed my insurance card back and said "by the way, we ask in the future you arrive by 4:00PM". I just shook my head ok because I am a passive person by nature all while thinking, THAT IS NOT STATED ANYWHERE ON THE WEBSITE. IN ADDITION I ARRIVED AT 4:04PM.

PLEASE SHOW SOME MERCY AND GRACE FOR MY 4 MINUTE TARDINESS. While I was getting my blood drawn by Christian, my husband arrived in the waiting room after parking the car. That same lady co-worker of Christian was heard complaining harshly and annoyed to another customer in the waiting room how they will have to stay "soo late this evening because someone just walked through the door with a huge blood work order". So unprofessional.

I have stayed late on Fridays hundreds of times for my patients, and I have NEVER complained or made any sign of annoyance, especially to their faces. This is because healthcare is a BUSINESS and patients are the CUSTOMERS. I felt like *** when I left labcorp and honesly was on the brink of tears. I am having labs drawn for a scary potential diagnosis, and being treated this way was what I needed least at this time.

This is not how a CUSTOMER should feel. I will now in the future take my business to Quest Diagnostics where I hope that their employees realize the value of customer service and respect and the right for patients to CHOOSE healthcare services (hopefully most people have other options than labcorp).

In addition, after reading all these negative feedback comments, I am going to be very vigilant in making sure my bill is submitted correctly to my insurance.

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Nurse.

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