Richmond, Virginia

I had gone to PCP w/suspected uti. I have had at least one every month for past 3 yrs due to cancer, so I am quite familiar with symptoms. Urinalysis was sent off to Labcorp for culture to be run. I received an email with results indicating that they found only trace amounts of urogenital flora, 10,000 colony; no infection. This is a physical impossibility as my urine flow comes nowhere near the vicinity of my genital region. Part of cancer treatment was removal of bladder and I urinate via an opening in region of umbilicus. However, because of their not finding infection ( or possibly falsifying lab result) my dr sent me to see a nephrologist as my initial urine lab in dr's office showed the presence of protein in urine. When present without infection, this can be sign of serious condition. Because one kidney has already suffered atrophy and the other has nephrosis, it is imperative that I determined the cause of this protein. This put me through further testing, not to mention the pain I was already experiencing.

After going through testing and seeing nephrologist, i was forced to return to PCP when I began passing large amounts of blood in urine. Second urinalysis was done. Low and behold...I had a urinary tract infection.

I contacted lab and tried to inquire about the first failed attempt at diagnosis. I was treated very poorly and basically told mistakes happen. Well, this type of mistake can cost some people their lives. Had I not been persistent in seeking a second opinion and simply waited out the results from nephrologist, who knows what further damage could have been done to an already poor kidney? Then to add insult, you act like it is no big deal. I assure you to those who are relying on these results, sometimes for life saving treatments, it matters a *** of a lot!

On top of that, this is the same lab facility which a few years prior had completely missed the existence of my cancer. I had my annual exam in June of '10. They reported no abnormalities found; normal PAP. Despite the fact I had been experiencing symptoms for over a yr, with a negative result my gyno thought there was no way I had cancer and treated me for endometriosis. A month after exam, I suffered two shattered vertebrae, a seizure and a coma followed by a second seizure and coma a month after that. Diagnosis...stage IV cervical cancer. Again, a major miss by this Lab facility. And a life threatening one.

This is precisely why I tell everyone I can to be their own health advocate. You can not ever rely upon results you are given to be complete and truthful. If you suspect something is wrong, go to dr...again and again and again if necessary until someone listens to you. You never may be right. I was!

Oh...and do not use LABCORP, if you can avoid it!

Seriously...Value? How do I put a value on what I have gone through because of their incompetence?

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