Walnut Creek, California

i had dna testing done for court and labcorps messed up my paper work at the top it says the dna is the fathers but at the bottom it says hes not and no one is reading the top dna line all they are paying attanchen to is just the *** words and not im dealing with a big court problem because of there mess up and its not right they *** up my life thanks so much and I am losing all this money to court and soon I will have to fight for cousaty for my child against my ex witch even is not the father but do to there *** up court is saying hes the father and the real father could loss his first and only child so they not only *** up my life but they *** up the fathers life and the child life all because they cant even fill out there paper work right way to go you have *** dumb *** Mexicans

Monetary Loss: $700.

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