Nottingham, Maryland

I was unpleasantly greeted by a young African American woman with long blue fingernail extensions and tattoos on her neck and arms. This woman's general demeanor and social skills were absolutely appalling. Upon sitting down to take my information this individual appeared annoyed at my presence since she now had to perform her "job duties", rather than continuing to surf the web. While chewing and popping gum in her mouth she proceeded to enter my information into her computer prior to drawing my blood. After providing all my information, she spoke in a demeaning tone to "Go sit in Room 2". I was unable to get this woman's name, and I hope that the records for my lab visit will denote the individual responsible.

When I asked to have my blood drawn lying down, she got very irritated and in an obnoxious tone said " need to lay down?!...go over to room 1". While tying the rubber tourniquet around my arm she was extremely rough and seemed to take pleasure in over-tightening it on my arm. Without warning she then jabbed me with the needle, sending a sharp pain up my arm. Upon removing the gauze from the draw site later in the day, my arm had developed a silver dollar sized sub-dermal hemorrhage.

To say that I was dissatisfied with the service and professionalism at your facility is an understatement. This woman was extremely unpleasant, curt and insensitive throughout the entire 10 minute visit. I was so incredibly put off and poorly treated by this individual that I will NEVER go to one of your facilities again.

My experience was so deplorable; I wanted to document it so that you could hopefully prevent it from occurring again. This one person has managed to leave a very foul impression of your company and practices. While patient facing, this individual is a representative of your company, her actions have done a great dis-service to your professional reputation. I certainly hope you will take action to prevent this type of medical mistreatment and unprofessional conduct from continuing.

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You sound like an ***. Why does her ethnicity matter?

I leave reviews on businesses here and on yelp and never once have I felt the need to say the race of white employees who offer deplorable customer service. I'm actually glad you had a horrible experience because you're a racist ***.


You got what you deserved! Have you ever stopped and taken the time to consider that your experience in that situation was a direct result of seeds that you planted elsewhere in your life??

You need to. Essentially, you got "payback" for the very same kinds of things that you do to other people. Have you ever read the Bible where it says, "do unto others as you would have them do unto you", and "you shall reap what you sow"..Huh?? Apparently you do "believe" it, but it really doesn't matter if you do or not, because the circumstantial results will nevertheless be the same.

You experienced the seeds jumping back up at you that you planted elsewhere in your life. If you want to change these kinds of experiences, you need to change the type of seeds that you plant. That girl at Labcorp is absolutely a Mirror Image of YOU, only you're far too narcissistic to accept this truth. The exact same way she "dissed you" is identical to how you have dissed others around you, and you only got back what you planted.

Keep right on living your life without taking a close examination of your own behavior, and see what continues to happen to you. May you continue to REAP WHAT YOU SOW!