Los Angeles, California

It's been over 2 days since office visit for routine blood work, and 2 phone calls to So. Orange County (CA) customer service supervisor(Stacy) to report grievance regarding nightmare service at San Clemente, CA.

Labcorp. No call back. She's either swamped with complaints, or couldn't care less! So now I opine.

Arrived at 1:00 PM, door locked to business. Waited for exiting customer so I could grab door.Mentioned locked door to 2 receptionist. One replied (Kelly) "That's good!". She left for her lunch, door still locked.

Didn't unlock door until she returned from lunch, an hour later. For the next hour customers got up and answered door for newcomers. Not too big a crowd, so we stayed---signed into "walk-in" roster. Noticed no patients being called back for blood draws.

Eventually only 4 in an hour's time. Waiting room filled, no chairs left. Folks on walkers & in wheelchairs. No reading material so everyone visited and anger grew at lack of service.

One lady got up & said we all need to go home and report service to Doctor who wrote lab work, & follow up with phone call to LabCorp customer service. She went into hallway to call LabCorp at that point. Many talked about lack of access to a timely appointment on website. Most there were walk-ins.

One young Mom with 4 kids (3wks-10 yrs.) made call to next appt to report delay. It became an angry waiting room. Receptionist called me up (acting for my sick husband) 30 minutes after signing in and berated me for signing him in on wrong list---which I didn't, as we did not have an appt. They had NO record of his file even tho we've been there 3 times in 5 weeks.

Had to start that process all over. Finally got called 65 minutes after original sign in. In back, we found ONE technician working. Nice lady (Martha), albeit a bit frazzled.

Had been trying to eat her lunch for past hour! I noted our stress to her after sitting for over an hour with a Stroke,etc patient. Was flabbergasted that she was only technician. She encouraged phone to LabCorp.

I have since called my husband's ins. company to report service, since we are forced to go there under contract. Told them we will not return, tired of their poor treatment. LabCorp just received new contract, taking customers from Quest.

Is this how they prepare for an onslaught of new patients?! HORRIBLE business, don't know how they survive. Receptionist were very rude, but I almost understand their predicament. Must be awful company to work for!

LabCorp must realize many customers may be sick when they come in----SO get them in and get them out! What a nightmare, ruined our day!

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