Easley, South Carolina

Its frustrating to be so sick and have blood work done then return to your doctor and they don't have your lab results or they have part of them. Even after having blood drawn twice they still couldn't get it right.

It's also strange that their results show you have a trouble with high cholesterol but go have it checked somewhere else and results are different. This mess went on for 3 months.They bill you and expect you to pay promptly. Be nice if they did their job acccutately and promptly. That was last year and now my husband had a physical and they have to do his blood work over because Labcorp lost part of his blood work.

Dr could not address his cholesterol or sugar until she has all the results that was ordered. I will not use them again if I can help it.

Even though I have been paying on the bill monthly they turned account over to collections which are adding additional charges to my bill. They need to get it together before someone looses their life because of their carelessness

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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