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I received a bill from LabCorp that said "an insurance company has denied a payment ... " "An insurance company??!!" I'm guessing they picked a random insurance company and asked them to pay my bill.

They DID NOT contact my insurance company. This must be their M.O. The burden is for the customer and they don't care because they can send the bills to collection. If they don't bother to contact the patient's insurance company, they may still get their money.

I hate the way they treat their customers and I hope doctors are paying attention. I think LabCorp is INCREDIBLY WICKED.

I hate them and will avoid them. They deserve lots of BAD ATTENTION.

Reason of review: Unethical apathy.

Monetary Loss: $450.

Preferred solution: Stop being so lazy, you greedy pigs!.

LabCorp Cons: That they lied in the bill i received from them.

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What I think is truly funny is that we all think it's someone else's responsibility to file our insurance, it's not. It is clearly YOUR responsibility as the insurance holder to make sure YOUR insurance is filed. Get over it, suck it up and call your insurance company for details


Actually, I have been fighting their bill since I found out upon arrival about two years ago when they said I owe them.It's not the consumer's responsibility to file the bill to the insurance company.Do you go to the doctor then bill the insurance?? No, the doctor's office does.

Same with a lab. They are responsible for billing.


Do you have Obamacare?


When your doctor's office does blood work or other tests, they send it to the lab, and the lab bills your insurance. Whatever your insurance doesn't pay, you owe. Hardly a scam or a ripoff, ***.


When they are attempting to double dip it show is! Not only do they get the payment from insurance they then try to bill you and say they won't do a draw which is poor service but whatever if you can go elsewhere. If you are sick with only them it is extortion