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In July 2009, my daughter had a test that Labcorp processed. I received a bill stating that her insurance had denied the claim. Actually, LabCorp billed the wrong insurance. I received a request to provide updated information on or about August 15, 2009. I faxed the information to them, secure in the knowledge that her claim would be processed.

I received another notice regarding the unpaid balance which I ignored because it had only been about a week since I gave them the updated information. About a month later, I received a notice stating that the bill still hadn't been paid and that I was being turned over to a third party collections agency.

I called Labcorp and the representative stated that the claim had been turned in to the insurance and that it was being processed. I disregarded the notice.

In December, I got a call from Lapcorp's collections department. I called the number back prepared to pay whatever the insurance hadn't covered. The representative at that time told that they did not have correct insurance information, but if I could give her the updated information, she would file it and told me to disregard the notice.

Since then, I have continuied to get calls from the collections department and each time, I have given the above story and they tell me to disregard the call.

Yesterday, I got another statement from Lapcorp stating the bill had not been paid and that I needed to provide additional insurance info.

I called Blue Cross and Blue Shield to see what the hold up was. Lo and behold, they paid the claim on July 30, 2009 and all I owed was the patient co-pay. I called Labcorp and of course, a supervisor wasn't available. Their story is that the insurance company is denying the claim and that I owe the full amount. I told them the date the insurance paid, how much they paid and what they showed as the patient responsibility. The agent then told me that I would need to send them a copy of the covered services notice from the insurance carrier in order to have my account credited. I will do this, only because I do want to pay my portion of the bill and because I am really tired of stating my case to people who don't care.

If you have a choice, please choose another lab to process your tests! That is what I plan to do and I had it noted on my account with Labcorp that I would no longer use their services and that I would spread the word to anyone who would listen that their services are not worth the hassle to get a bill paid.

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Now they ask for a credit card at the time of service with the message that they will bill the amount not paid by insurance. When I asked if they would send my a bill with my charge amount and a "paid in full" notification I was told "No, we won't send you a bill, just keep an eye out on your credit card statement."

This is an unacceptable business practice. As a result, I'll use Quest next time.