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I went to a lab today to give a urine specimen for a drug test for work. Here's how it went.

We went back to get my specimen and she tells me that she cant accept it because its too warm. Ok so I drank some water waited 45 mins and then gave her another one. This time it was ok. She started to make conversation stating "I hope I dint feel asthough she was picking on me?" and she continued to ask me were I worked etc.

She gave me my slip and I left. I get a call about 10 mins later and she says Ms Pittman can you come back to the office I forgot to give you something. I arrive at the office and she asks me to go back to the lab room with her. I walk in and there sit my two specimens with two dip sticks.

She asks me to look at both and tell her what it says Ive tested positive for. I look and it says Opiates and Majiyana. So I tell her. And I deny it, she says " you can tell me" So obviously Im denying because I dont do any kind of drugs and Im not around anyone that does.

So she says what do you want me to do? I tell her send it because Its my word against the tests. So she says "well Charlaine I can run another test but we would have to charge you" so I tell her no, she contues on to say well Im going to help you out(at this point Im just so confused and Im just looking at her) she asks me if I heard her? I continue looking at her.

She states"Im going to submit a clean test and just look at it as a blessing" And throws my samples in the trash. I finish by saying I dont smoke anything but cigarettes (because Im upset) and she walks out of the office stating "She's about to have a smoke break hersels, while we're walking towards the door there's another customer walking in and she says "look at this heffer, I bet she's about to come in here stank *** heffer! No I maybe wrong, but I do not feel comfortable with this situation at all. This employee is unethical and I have no confidence that these were my tests she was showing me.

If I find out I will be taking further action. I have sent a complaint directly to labcorp

Product or Service Mentioned: Labcorp Customer Care.

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Dave dingleberry needs to get a clue about what goes on in patient service centers and doctors offices... Big Big fines for Labcorp.. One call to OSHA is all it takes


You are so not alone. This company has cost me a job I really really needed.

No, they didn't say I failed it. They're saying that after 15 business days (Or 3.5 weeks in the real world) that they still can't post the results. Can't??? Why is that?

Because they took MY sample and traded it for someone who would pay them?

I'm taking a hair test next week and then I'm going to sue their butts off. Not only do I NOT do any drugs, I'm allergic to opiates.


I don't believe your story. You had drugs in your system, period.


Jim. If I had drugs in my system I wouldnt be on here complaining about the situation- Use your common sense.

If I had drugs in my system (which I didnt) was beside the point, my point was the fact that the Labcorp associate sent in a CLEAN DRUG TEST when she Claimed my urine was NOT CLEAN, get it? I informed my employer and I also informed Lapcorp head quaters of her actions.


If you work in the Medical Field as I do you would know that this behavior is unethical to say the least.