Braintree, Massachusetts

Lately Labcorp is asking you to sign a credit card wavier (like handing over you first born). This is just in case your insurance doesn't pay for the test.

SO you have insurance right? Why do they need a blank check? I have never heard of this. Has anyone had this issue before?

I find this to be a distrust of the company. They keep changing the rules. Is this company trying to rip you off?

Are they the only company out there that they can strong-hold the consumers? I want everyone to know this is a travesty and not good

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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That is an optional thing, you do not have to give up your credit card. Next time they ask for it, tell them no, they will still service you.


They asked for a credit card last time I was there, and I informed them that my insurance covers it 100%. That's all there was to it.