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Labcorp has messed up my urine specimen results!! For a fact!

I take my medicine every day! and I had a false negative and now my doctor(my new doctor whom chooses LabCorp) has cut my medicine in half. This happened yesterday. this is so bad and is going to affect my life in so many ways not to mention having to sit there and be judged as if I was lying and being belittled all because of LabCorp I am trying to do my own research to prove myself.

I pray that I can figure this out I dont know what to do now. I called labcorp and was given no information. I was told that only my Dr could ask for information(about me!) I want to know their statistics and what types of tests they use(inexpensive or expensive) I did some research and it says that if a cheap test is administered it can be up to 48percent chance of false positives. Please doctors and patients do your research before you chose someone to test people with something this serious, potentially life threatening.

One more thing, my doctors office never has me sign my specimen cup or paper or anything at all. Isn't that illegal or something.

Pray for me. I'm tired of doctors and comnpanies like this with their disrespectful annoyance so pray for them.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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It all depends on what you doctor ordered. And if you have insurance, it's billed to them and any balance ie co pay will be your responsibility.

All labs ie Labcorp, Quest, BioReference, etc will have their own prices, some may be more or less than the other.

***, if you go to the hospital, you're going to pay more. Sorry to say but that's the way of the world.