Hollywood, Florida

I went to labcorp for employment testing had to wait for about an hour to do test. I had to go quick after i got there.

I went *** at that time since they couldnt answer any question on service or time frame. Then i started to drink water to be ready soon. When i asked how long till i can take the tast she said can i hold it. I respond it depends on how long.

She said with attitude go ahead. To use the bathroom like it was a bother to her as i go to the bathroom after holding it for an hr at this point. So i did then with in 3 mins after i went she called me for test . I stated i wasnt ready she stated better get drinkin.

So i did then for the third time then had to go again they still wasnt ready then right before i had to let it go she called me after the hr wait and twice already peeing and forcing water to be able to test. Then after all the stress and inhumane treatment at the clinic i have to retake test. Making me look bad for there inaccurate servicing causing me to unnecessarily over drink. I feel very disrespected and belittled for just trying to be ready and able for a test that depends on ones body not depending on anything else.

The lady at desk also made me feel like i was threatened or givin an altamatem to get the test. She said she didnt have to answer to me and was going to refuse the test to me if i didnt leave her alone and go sit and wait for her.

I am very disturbed by this not only causetime lost but also cause it is like slander to cause a bad apperance to my employer cause her lack of professionalism. Or even human compation for someone in discomfort as they attempt to do as they are supposed to.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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